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Earn BolttCoins by taking steps & winning step based Challenges.The Boltt Coin App leads you to a healthier lifestyle by rewarding you for being more active. Monetise your health & fitness data via Blockchain and “Proof of Steps”

What is BOLTT coin ?

Yes, you can earn while keeping yourself healthy by walking, the more you will walk ,more you will earn . You will earn in Boltt coin, which you can redeem in paytm cash or exchange in other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ripple, ether etc.

About Boltt coin app

Boltt is a “social health gamification” platform. users can earn money from their health & participate in challenges to win exciting prizes from sponsored brands, celebrities & corporates. “Get paid to Get fit”. Earn real Money with every step you take. stand a chance to win upto 5K+ Boltt coins a year.

About boltt coin currency

BolttCoin is a digital currency (cryptocurrency) that you earn by becoming healthy. It tracks your daily steps throughout the day and rewards you with about 0.050 BOLTT (0.050 BolttCoin) per 1,000 steps you make. These coins can also be used to enter global challenges or host group challenges amongst your followers or can be directly redeemed into your Paytm Wallet.

Follow the steps to gets started and earn :

Install Boltt Coin app

Register yourself

Now walk more to earn more

How can i earn Boltt coins?

Boltt Coins can be earned in two ways. First is by taking steps i.e walking as you would on a daily basis, using your tracker or mobile phone. The second way to earn Boltt coins is by winning Challenges & Games, with a pot amount.

BolttCoin App tracks your daily steps throughout the day and rewards you with about 1 BOLTT (0.050 BolttCoin) per 1,000 steps you take.

There are 4 Levels of step plans “Monthly Subscriptions” to choose from, each increase in level allows you to convert/encash higher steps, In addition there is daily Milestone bonus .

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What can i do with Boltt Coins

Boltt coins can be redeemed directly into your paytm wallet. You can also use Boltt Coins to buy exciting merchandise from the Boltt Store.

You can either spend the coin right away on low-cost offers that interest you, such as music downloads or magazine subscriptions, or you can save up the BolttCoins to afford big-ticket items such as digital watches, video game consoles, running shoes, and more. Also can be used to participate in Boltt Challenges, to bet against friends or compete against the world in global “Play & Win” challenges. you can also make transfers to friends & family using the “send & receive” feature. if you want to purchase boltt coins, you can add them using your Paytm account.

Can i withdraw BolttCoins to my paytm wallet ?

Yes BolttCoins can be converted to real cash anytime. From the Boltt Wallet, select Redeem/Withdraw & enter the amount of BolttCoins you would like to convert. Enter your registered Paytm mobile number & click on proceed. Withdrawal requests are subject to approval from the Boltt Team & can take 48-72 hours for the transaction to get processed.

What can i buy from the BolttCoin Store?

Order products and services from 25k merchants, 1500 categories & 1mn products from the Boltt Mall.

The Boltt MALL consists of an online shopping experience, where users can pay for products & services with BolttCoins.

Boltt Coin brings a unique mobile shopping experience for fashion, accessories and home decor, offering Clothing for Men, Women and Kids, Jewellery Tops, Hand Bags and other Accessories using Boltt coins as a method of payment.! spending tokens has never been easier & more enjoyable. On the app home page, you will find exciting offers with high discounts, especially curated from the Boltt team. you can choose an offer of your choice or visit the BolttCoin store in app, to search & select a product of your choice.

How do I spend my BolttCoins?

You can use your BolttCoins to buy goods and services from brands on the marketplace. To access your marketplace – On Android: Swipe right on the tracking screen. On iPhone: Click on the “marketplace” icon along the bottom (furthest icon on the left). The offers in our marketplace keep changing frequently. Keep your eye out for something you might like and get buying If you do see something you like, click the offer to get more info. When you’re ready to select an offer, click the “Buy” button to purchase it with your BolttCoins.

How many steps does it take to earn BolttCoin?

1,000 verified steps convert to 0.050 BolttCoins, so if you walk 10,000 steps a day you will earn 0.050 BolttCoins. We’re working hard to improve our conversion rate and the value of each BolttCoin over time.

Do I need to have mobile data enabled for the app to work?

BolttCoin can function without mobile data, as it catches back up when you enter a wifi zone. The app continues to work in the background tracking steps. However, your phone needs to connect to our servers once a day to send us your data for verification and for you to receive your BolttCoins. You can simply go to your mobile data settings and elect for our app to exchange data with the server only when you have a wifi signal. This will not stop our app from counting, but will delay you receiving your BolttCoins or being able to see our marketplace in real time.

Step Verification

After you connect your preferred activity to the app, we’ll validate your credentials and establish a connection. Boltt connects directly to your preferred activity tracker to get valid step count each day. Please note that incorrect phone or tracker settings, low battery and other factors can make data inaccessible to us. Only you will be responsible to sync the tracker with the app and confirming the step count by Boltt, 24 hour period will be allotted to you for the same after the challenge. After this time period synced steps won’t be counted in the final count. If we found any suspicious activity under your account to reach the target like manual logging or faking steps, you will be required to submit additional data to your tracker like previous history etc.


Hit your daily goals to stay consistent and Be a Winner. Players are required to sync their activity tracker to BolttCoin App within 24 hours of the ending of the challenge to make their step count considered in final step count.

Rule Variation

To optimize the challenge for health and fun, Boltt may change the rules in some challenges. You will get the notification regarding the change in the challenge.


Winning are deposited in your account as points after a challenge may request a PayTM payout of unused points anytime. Payouts become available within 48 hours of being requested.


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